Conférences à venir

Semi-plénière à la « 17th British-French-German Conference on Optimization », du 15 au 17 juin 2015, Londres, Royaume-Uni.


Conférences récentes

“Addressing Model Ambiguity in the Expected Utility Framework” (pdf)

  • OR Center Seminar, MIT, November 2014
  • Seminar Series, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, 2012


“On a Class of Uncertainty Sets for Distributionally Robust Optimization” (pdf)

  • BIRS Workshop on Robust Optimization, Banff, 2012


“Going Beyond 1st and 2nd Moment Constraints in Distributionally Robust Optimization” (pdf)

  • 20th ISMP, Chicago, 2009


“Untying the Knot between a Stochastic Program and its Distribution”(pdf)

  • OR Group Seminar, University of Toronto, 2011


“The Value of Stochastic Modeling in Two-stage Stochastic Programs” (pdf)

  • INFORMS annual meeting, Minneapolis, 2013  


“Accounting for Risk Measure Ambiguity when Optimizing Financial Positions” (pdf)

  • ICSP, Bergamo, 2013